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8GB Zune from Microsoft | Zune 8


The 8gb Zune is known simply as "Zune 8" and aims to dethrone the popular Nano as best flash based MP3 player. The device comes in four colors as shown and features 4 or 8 gb of flash memory. The amazing thing about this player is the built in Wi-Fi for wireless file sharing and PC syncing the Nano can only dream about. It alse boasts an FM tuner and ultra sharp LCD screen with the highest pixel density on the market. Check out our Zune vs iPod chart or Zune Scene homepage for more info or ask questions in the online user forums.

"Draco" to Store 4GB or 8GB of Flash Memory

zune 8

Artist's Rendition of Draco Shown Above

June 18 2007 - After our leaks regarding the flash Zune, Zune 2.0, and Zune factory were confirmed we decided to seek some new info regarding future Zune products. Once again we will protect our sources, but be assured, this info comes from inside Microsoft. The codename for the flash Zune player is Draco. Keep in mind this is not the marketing name, that name is still unknown to us. Draco will be available in two sizes, specifically 4GB and 8GB models. These numbers are eerily analogous to the iPhone storage options. As we stated in our previous story, this unit will be available for the 2007 holiday and sport unique features such as video playback and WiFi.

May 13 2007 The 8gb Zune is one possible version of the upcoming flash based Zune, due to arrive this fall. The 8 gb Zune is blessed with Wi-Fi, large LCD screen, video capabilities, and a doublshot finish. Each 8gb Zune is manufactured in Dao Ming China next the xbox 360 factory. Design for the unit was compelted in March of 2007 and production of 1.6 million units will be executed by the holidays.
Before purchasing the Zune 8 review specs at the Zune vs iPod comparison chart. The Zune 32 could be slated for 2009.


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8 gigabyte zune