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Fix A Frozen Zune 30 (5 Minute Tutorial)

DISCLAIMER: Zune Scene is not responsible for damage or loss of warranty, use this information at your own risk. The official Microsoft support fix is available here but it may take several hours.

For our quick fix a very small phillips and flathead screwdriver are required. The procedure will take about 5 minutes. This tutortial was created for the massive Zune 30 glitch reported Dec 31 2008.

Step 1: Use a small screwdriver to pull out the black metal plate at the Zune's USB port.

Step 2: Remove 2 phillips screws shown in photo below. Be carefull not to lose them.

Step 3: Insert small flat screwdriver between the front and rear casing. Start at the bottom, slowly work around edges and finally wiggle off the rear casing once it's loose.

Step 4: There is no need to move or handle the battery, however, lifting up the battery will allow better grip on the battery cable.

There is a thin gold colored cable between the battery and the rest of the Zune. Using fingers pull the cable out of the Zune at the end distant from the battery. (see below) Do not attempt to pull the cable out of the battery itself.

Step 5: Count to ten. This helps to make sure no power is left in the device. Next re-connect the power cable. It may be usefull to position the cable first, then push it in with a fingernail.

Step 6: Put the Zune back together. The rear casing should be snapped into place starting at the top ending at the the bottom. Replace the 2 screws and finally the black metal plate. The hardest part of the whole process will be replacing the screws because they are very small. A magnetic screwdriver was not used for this tutorial but may be helpful.

Congratulations! You survived the Zune apocalypse.




















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