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Zune 120 Colors & Zune 16 Colors

zune colors

The new Zune 120 colors are limited to black, but expect to see more over time. Microsoft has announced a blue flash player for the new 2008 holiday season.

New Zune Colors For the Zune 2

new zune colors

The Zune 2 colors will be red, green, pink and black for the flash based Zune 4 and Zune 8. The Zune 80 colors will be limited to black, but we expect more to come over time. So far the Zune 2 colors look good.

New Zune Colors and Marketing Strategy Coming in May

zune colors

Jason Riendorp, the Marketing Director for the Zune, has reported additional colors will be released including baby pink. This color is available for pre-order and is expected to release May 1. The additional colors have not been announced, but orange is a likely candidate due to the fact that pink and orange Zunes were gifted to the Zune team members.

Cesar Menendez of Zune marketing posted about the upcoming advertising campaign: "Lots of commenter's - in this site and others - have observed that the Zune team needs to have more advertising. And that the advertising needs to showcase differentiating features like the large screen, customization and wireless. Well, starting next month, we're launching a second wave of advertising."

View additional pink and orange Zune photos below.

new zune colors


Halo 3 Zune

orange zune


zune colors



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