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New Zune HD release date Sept 15th







































































Amazon Selling Zune HD

Amazon.com is now taking orders for the Zune HD in both the 16GB and 32GB sizes. Order yours today! Prices range from $220-$290 depending on storage capacity. Also check out the new Zune HD dock available at Amazon.

new zune hd

new zune

Release Sept. 15th: $219/$289 for 16GB/32GB

The new Zune HD is coming fall 2009. Microsoft has revealed most features of the device including:

• Flash based storage rather than hard drive for slimmer profile

• HDTV output at 720p when connected through special dock

• HD Radio for crisp high fidelity broadcast reception

• Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio 3.3" OLED multitouch LCD

• Silver or black expterior (based on released photos from Microsoft)

• Live steaming of the Zune marketplace for Zune Pass subscription holders.

• Touchscreen full web browser based on internet explorer

Zune Scene will have a full blown Zune HD review and video available closer to the launch date so stay tuned as more info becomes available.

Zune HD Videos "Hands On"

New Zune 120GB/16GB on Sale

The new 3rd generation Zunes are now available at Amazon.com with free shipping.

New Zune Video Review


New Zunes Release: 2008

new zune

Microsoft has announced the new lineup of Zunes for this year. The 80gb Zune will be replaced with a 120GB model for $249. The flash players will get a memory upgrade also, the 16gb and 8gb players will be priced at $199 and $149 respectively.

The Zune will retain last year's form factor, but recieve new firmware and software updates. FM songs can be tagged for purchase. Games will become available for purchase on the Zune, the lineup will include titles such as Hexic and Texas Hold 'Em. New support for Audible file will allow users to choose from a huge list of audiobooks for download. Amazon is taking orders now, the official release date for the new zunes is Sept 16th.

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New Zune Release: Nov 13 2007

new zune

The new Zune is a 80gb device with a much larger 3.2 inch screen, but is much thinner than the original. In fact the total volume has been reduced 27%. Other features include a touch sensitive "squircle" shaped Zune pad. Please refer to Zune Scene Hompage for complete details about the flash Zunes and new 80gb Zune. We also have a iPod vs Zune chart and Zune picture gallery. Microsoft has continued to evolve the product line with new features such as: single click podcast subscriptions, glass LCD screen, and the new Zune wireless sync ability. The Zune 80 has been ranked the #2 most wanted gadget this season, only behind the Wii console. Pre-order online with Amazon or enter the free giveaway drawing. The official zune launch date is November 13th. The suggested retail price is $249 for the hard drive model and $149-$199 for the flash Zunes. The smaller 4gb and 8gb players will be released in multiple colors and include all the wifi, video, and FM radio features of the new Zune 80.

Zune Walkthrough Vid

new zunes

New Zune Codenamed Scorpio

80gb zune


Our source from inside the the hallowed halls of Microsoft gave us some fresh leaks on the next generation Zune. He indicated the codename is "Scorpio", big brother to the flash based Zune code named "Draco". The source indicated the storage capacity is 80GB for Scorpio. We challenged that and asked if he was sure there would be no 100 or 120GB Zune. The answer was blunt: "No, it will be 80". Perhaps the most exciting news is that mass production of Scorpio will begin at the very end of July. Currently all Scorpios and Dracos at Zune headquarters are pre-production units. The only timeline we have for launch is that Draco and Scorpio will be ready for the 2007 holidays. The source gave no info on a European launch, or other key questions, even when enhanced interrogation techniques were applied.

The original Zune was codenamed Argo from Greek Mythology. Scorpio and Draco share the Greek naming convention and will be Pyxis enabled devices. Pyxis is the codename for the WiFi functionality used to transfer files between devices. Now to anyone bearing a Scorpio tattoo we say: Welcome to the Social.

Important Update: For purposes of clarification we feel the need to state the Scorpio will be a hard drive based unit not a flash based unit like the zune 16.




















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