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Zune 2 Review

  • The newest additions are smaller 4gb and 8gb players with flash memory. The devices sport video playback and wireless functionality. They are priced at $149 and $199 respectively. Currently the small Zunes come in red, pink, green, and black. They are similar to the former Nano in size.

  • An updated hard drive model will have 80GB of storage and come in black at launch. More colors could be added later. It's supposed to be 27% smaller than the original Zune yet boast a much larger 3.2 inch lcd screen. Pricing will be $249. The "old" 30 GB Zune will be sold for $199 and get new firmware updates with the new devices. New Zunes are due to release November 13th.

  • New Wi-Fi features will include wireless sync with PC. This will be a nice advantage over competing devices. However, wireless purchases via Zune are not implemented. The Zune will also expand on sharing capabilities. Shared songs will no longer have a 3 day limit for use, but the 3 play rule remains in effect. Photos as usual have no restrictions at all when shared Zune to Zune.

  • As we reported back in September, the round navigation button has been replaced with a "squircle" shaped button called Zune pad. The pad will be touch sensitive in addition to the regular directional operations.

  • To improve on "the social" online Zune Cards will be introduced. Each card can be personalized based on unique interests.

  • Zunecasts (podcasts) are coming to the Zune marketplace along with video content. TV shows recorded on Windows Media Center can also be synced up with the Zune devices.

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Zune 2 review