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Zune 80 Six Weeks Behind Production Schedule.

zune 80

With all the excitement of Tuesday's Zune launch we failed to recognize one gigantic problem. The Zune 80 is not on sale. Here is a list of retail stores that never received any Zune 80's. This information comes from retail employees who frequent the Zunescene forums:

NO STOCK: Best Buy, Kmart, Gamestop, Sears, Fry's, Compusa.

LIMITED STOCK: Circuit City, Target, & Walmart had a very limited amount of Zune 80's which are now mostly gone.

People who placed orders from Amazon.com way back in October are now finding their order has been delayed. Microsoft's very own online store called Zuneoriginals.net has no stock of Zune 80. What we just experienced yesterday was not a product launch, not on any scale. You may recall we reported production problems back in July with the Zune 80. There was a discontinuity with the flexcable, but we assumed everything would be resolved in time for launch. We were wrong. Hopefully the situation will be resolved shortly, until then, consider buying a Zune 30 or new Zune 4/8 model.

UPDATE #1 I just spoke with an inside contact at Microsoft and he indicated the Zune 80 is six weeks behind production schedule. He said the first production run was supposed to be "on shelves" a month ago. He thinks we should start to see more availability in the coming weeks.

UPDATE #2 Looks like the Associated Press has been reading Zunescene. They say "Rumors of a manufacturing delay spread across consumer electronics blogs this week." Sweet.



















80 gigabyte zune also known as 80 gb zune in some places