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zune battery life

Zune battery life for the 16gb Zune will be 24 hours at best. Battery life for the Zune 120 will meet or exceed the Zune 80 battery life. Audio numbers assume screen, touchpad, and wi-fi are never used. If you want an external Zune battery take a look at our reviews of the Belkin Tunepower and eZgear Powerstick. Zune HD battery life is not yet confirmed but will be tested this fall. Zune HD accessories which improve battery life will be reported in this section when they become available.

Zune Battery Life | Zune 80 |Zune 8

zune battery life

The Zune team has managed to massively improve the Zune 80 battery life over the original Zune 30 battery life. The new specs indicate 30 hours of audio and 4 hours of video for the new Zune 80. The Zune 8 and Zune 4 are close behind with 24 hours audio and 4 hours of video. These tests were performed under nominal conditions, so actual user experience may be different. Zune 2 battery life improvements may be the most practical enhancement to the new lineup.

Zune Battery Life | Zune 30

The Microsoft Zuneinsider reports on battery life:

"Zune has a battery life of up to 13 hours, when listening to music. Oh. . . and that's with the wireless turned on. When you turn the wireless off, Zune has up to 14 hours of battery life when listening to music, and up to approximately 4 hours for video or pictures.

We got to 14 hours (wireless off) based on the following conditions: a single length average album of 128 kbps ripped WMA songs, played on repeat; with the EQ (equalizer) setting set to “none”; the default volume setting (i.e. not turning volume up or down); the backlight timer set to 1 second; and with no other activity (like viewing pictures, navigating, etc.) going on."



















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This page describes the zune battery life.