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Zune DRM Stripper

zune drm stripper

These days it's hard to keep digital media locked up in any format. Our Zune ears recently heard tell of a program that strips DRM off of tracks purchased from the Zune Marketplace, or traded via Wi-Fi. What makes this more significant is the optional Zune subscription which allows users to download almost all the Zune Marketplace.

We decided to download and test the Zune DRM stripper for ourselves to see if it actually works. In fact, it was so effective that we have decided not to publish any direct links to it.

Below is a snapshot of a Marketplace track with removed DRM.


zune hack

And here is the track's before and after properties:

zune crack

zune crack

And here is what the Zune DRM stripper executables look like:

zune drm crack

The FairUse executable is the primary progam and the oddly named mirakagi file seems to enable it with Zune decryption. To aviod prefixes being added to the tracks, a third executable called "Fairuse Commander" can be used.

zune drm stripper

Under no circumstances should this software be used on subsciption content. A post on the doom9 forum has more info on where to download zune drm crack.


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