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Zune 2.0 Production: Scorpio Get's Emergency Surgery

zune production

July 27 2007 - How can an unannounced product be delayed? Technically it can't but we just got some new info on the production schedule of the 2nd gen Zune codenamed "Scorpio" and the flash memory "Dracos". According to our source (from inside Microsoft) Draco production began July 23 as scheduled. Scorpio ran into trouble and production was delayed. A significant percentage of the hard drive based Scorpio units were experiencing continuity problems between the flex cable and pcb. In other words, a wire was coming loose. Our source went on to explain how there were emergency meetings and a new flex cable design will be implemented. The new cable will have a "S" shape (not a folded accordion shape). It should prevent tension build up during assembly and solve the problem.

We also learned that that the original production run was scheduled to be completed Aug 31 and is now pushed well into September, at least for Scorpio. Our source would not indicate a release date for the devices, but the production info is helpful because it rules out August for both devices and September for the hard drive unit.




















Zune Production schedule hints at Zune 2.0 release dates.