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ZuneSleeves, I have Zune Sleeves ?


With the expected release of a flash based Zune this year Zune fans are on the lookout for any new evidence of new Zune products. Microsoft may have recently purchased the domain zunesleeves.com and also bothered to create a website for it. The site has the Zune logo which links directly to Zune.net, the official product site.

We dug a little deeper behind the surface to see the html code behind zunesleeves and found some interesting html meta tags. Keyword tags are typically used to signal search engines what the desired key terms for the site are. Well here are the tags:

<meta name="keywords" content="sleeves, Zune, Zunesleeves, sleeves for zune, i have zune sleeves">

The most curious tag is "I have Zune Sleeves". Right now that's not a terribly popular phrase to search on. Could ZuneSleeve be the name of the flash player? We have no idea. Back in January we published an article about the future of Zune. We found that when the trademark was registered, it was to include things like cell phones, handheld games, and even pajamas. Perhaps the pajamas will come first and Zunesleeves are just for sleeping in.


















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