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Zune Upgrade Plan Coming June Soon

zune upgrade plan

Update June 30th: Our source indicates the upgrade plan is still coming, however the necessary internal paperwork was not completed in time for a June timeframe. Hang on to those Zune 30's a little longer folks.

Microsoft is preparing to start a hardware upgrade plan in June according to Zune Scene sources. The upgrade plan is for Zune owners who want more capacity, less capacity, a different color (only red or black will be initially available), or perhaps just a new Zune. The plan is specially targeted at owners of damaged OOW (out of warranty) 30GB Zunes according to the source. Below is the price matrix for the upgrades:

Upgrade Price
Usual Price
Zune 120 GB  Red/Black
Zune 80 GB  Red/Black
Zune 16 GB  Red/Black
Zune 8 GB  Red/Black
Zune 4 GB  Red/Black

The source also indicated that extended warranty purchase for all Zune 30's will no longer be available, the upgrade plan appears to be a sort of replacement for that option. Fortunately all Zune upgrades will come with a full year warranty. Wondering where to get the upgrade? Not at a retail store. Upgrades should be requested on the Zune support line 1-877-GET-ZUNE (1-877-438-9863) but don't forget to wait until Microsoft announces the plan before you call.





















Zune Upgrade Plan June 2009