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Colorado, United States—(July 27, 2006)— officially launched on July 15 as a new Internet forum for discussion groups about Microsoft’s new music project, the Zune, a music player, which is expected to compete with Apple’s iPod and is said to be available this Christmas season. The site is primarily a place for young adults, ages 18 to 25 years, to express their views about the Zune player and digital culture. “For those who really wonder what college students and other prospective buyers think of this product, is the best place to get a realistic glimpse of the potential Zune market,” Nate Webb, site owner and Colorado resident, said. At the time of this writing, is listed on Google’s top six places to learn information about the new product. Microsoft press releases promote the Zune device as a WIFI enabled MP3 player with a high-resolution color screen.The device is to be paired with a dedicated music service similar to iTunes.

Several thousand people have visited this site daily in the first two weeks of operation.It has even attracted the attention of Cesar Menendez, a Microsoft employee and official Zune blogger (see Not only is the website gaining a lot of attention in the United States, it has also quickly garnered the interest of the international community. Thus far people from at least 49 countries have visited the site and incoming links have been found in Finland, Japan, and Russia just to name a few. The forums are open for registration and registrants are automatically enrolled in a Zune giveaway scheduled for this Thanksgiving. Forums at are a place to discuss issues such as:  Zune versus iPod, product rumors, music, video games and the latest news as well as other various topics. The website homepage features spoofs and/or jokes about the Zune through a mixture of popular culture elements focusing on politics and multiple social agendas.

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